Chair Document



Leadership in the development of positivity.


Deployment and activation of positivity in the community through scientific research and advisory services and training.


Positivity is made up of two main components, one is intrinsic to man himself and the other is intrinsic to his dealings with others.

The first element applies to the human self- high esteem and beautiful look of himself that God created from pure earth and who became a gracious creature that God commanded to interact and have positive thinking about himself, people and life. In this way, it becomes deeply rooted in his mind that he is a unique creature among other creatures, as Allah rightly said: “We have created man in the best stature” and also: “I made you in the best of images.”

The second element applies to the human feeling of purity, highness and honor. This incites him to present himself to others and interact with them with love and affection, and to deal with them with good intention according to his abilities. As rightly said by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “Smiling in the face of your brother is charity”. Or rightly related by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about a man who removed a thorny branch from the street, was thanked by Allah and granted paradise or the prostitute woman who gave water to a thirsty dog and was pardoned by Allah.

The manifestations of charity and good deeds that Islam has commanded are so many and amongst them the excellent relationships between spouses, neighbors and goodness for parents and for children and for people all over. As Allah the almighty says: “And be dutiful to your parents “. And according to the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him:”angel Gabrielis still recommending me to take care of the neighbor to the pointof making him an inheritor “, as well as the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him “Ifyou cook a broth, add water to the sauce and invite your neighbors.”

Therefore, the definition of positivity is: “A feeling of self-beauty, self-confidence and peace of mind and heart and a sense of beauty of the universe. The urge to interact with people and build and fill life.”

This explanation intersects with some of the theories of positive psychology, which focuses on the beautiful values in life, and its interests focus on various topics, such as:

The experiences and the positive personality characteristics like happiness, confidence, optimism, hope and self-organizing and orientation. Positive psychology is considered a branch of psychology which focuses on:

1. Showing the positive potential of individuals.

2. Overcoming the negative energies.

3.Transforming negative energies into positive.

Some argue that the outstanding contributions in positive psychology (which is still in the development stage of crystallization) comes mostly from the West, while the Islamic religion and our Arab culture and the accumulation, over centuries, of a huge heritage and the writings of Muslim scholars, indicate that there are foundations and rules of this science.

Hence the importance of establishing the positivity chair which has the task of highlighting the dimensions of positivity in the Arab-Islamic culture and to develop it among its individuals, particularly the Saudi society. And to achieve the community development, and the excellence of knowledge in the scientific, economic, social fields and other fields. It also contributes to the development of creativity and innovation, through the achievement of community partnership in its physical and human aspects. It also helps take advantageof the potentialities available at the university at the service of the community and to solve its problems. It also contributes to sustain the development and to enrich knowledge and their economies.

The idea of creating the positivity chair project is unsurpassed in the universities in the Kingdom ([1]). Qassim University will hold the leadership in this regard, in addition to the research chairs,such as the chair Sheikh IbnUtheimin for Shari’astudies and the chair of Sheikh SalehKamel research on  palm trees and the  chair of  Al Jazeera …

The positivity chair is considered to be the result of the agreement between the University of Qassim and Sheikh / Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Sa’wi from his father, in order to finance pioneering studies and scientific research in the field of various dimensions of positivity (self, institutional, family, professional, environmental). This field has great implications on the development of the Saudi personality and the improvement of the relationships with others as well as the development of positive thinking and the futuristic vision.